“coming Dad… be right there Mom… on my way Dad… headed back to you Mom…”


Brio a beautiful husky mix loved to run and play! She had a great time chasing the ball her parents threw back and forth.


An evening at Jericho Beach was the perfect spot for a dog photographer and this lively girl. We started crossing over the little bridge then headed for the woods and the beautiful blooming lupin patch filled with purple blossoms and buttercups. Brio was a wonderful doggie model obeying her Dad and making adorable expressive faces.


We safely passed by the bunnies for some family portraits and play time. After stopping to hop up on a bench we headed off to the beach. It had clouded over but the light was still beautiful as Brio posed and enjoyed frolicking in the ocean.


Wet and sandy but still full of energy she trotted off with her proud parents Sara and Brett. Eventually I am sure she got tired and had a good long nap.


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