‘Tails’ of May

It was exciting to finally be able to launch my first offical month of sessions for my ‘Tails of Vancouver’ project!


My first model was Cooper a handsome Staffy/Border cross. Technically this session was in March it was the only one I got in before the shut down. We went to a small park in Kitsilano on 1st & Burrard & then walked to the angel mural. He was a magnificent angel! So serious but so sweet.


Iggy a beautiful White Shepard cross was next up. We had a lovely evening a Charleson Park. Luckily we discovered a cheerful patch of buttercups for her to sit and look pretty in.


Next are Bonnet & Bella two adorable mini poodle sisters. We went to Granville Island the girls enjoyed showing off some of the islands unique spots. Bonnet by the daffodils and Bella on a bright red bench by the coffee shop.


The final model of the month was Phoebe. She is a whippet mix & was very alert during our visit to Creekside Park. She never sat but stood proudly at attention. I love how she looked in the evening light under the Burrard Street Bridge.


Those are the doggie models of May (and March)!


If you have a rescue baby there is still time to book a ‘Tails of Vancouver session just click ‘here’.


I am also booking sessions for all furbabies go to learn more about the sessions.