Chiara, Mia Bella and & Miu Miu

“Did you hear that?… not interested… just hanging with Dad… again, you heard that right?… still don’t care… just hanging with Dad”


Miu Miu was to more than happy to look my way when I surprised her with a crazy noise but Chiara and Mia Bella were not that impressed.


These three adorable Italian Greyhounds were my models for a pet photography session at Jericho Beach.


Along with stunning views of the north shore and the city there is also a charming wooden park and pond. Providing lots of places to get some great photographs. The girls unique personalities made for plenty of laughs and funny poses.


Doting parents Maria and Brian were wonderful help wrangling everyone together. The love they have for their little ones shows in every picture.


Thank you all for a lovely and memorable evening at the beach.


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