Huxley Sweaters

“yum, yummy, yummy… have you tasted this… yep yum… how about you… yep definitely yummy… “


Kobe, Darth and Pasta loved grass! They ate it, frolicked in it and rolled in it with joyful abandon.


Kobe an expressive happy Frenchie, Darth (aka Lord Darth Vadar) a serious amiable Frenchie and Pasta the lovable senior Frenchie/Pug were my company for an epic pet photography session at Jericho Beach. They were doggie modelling the fabulous new warm waterproof sweater line Huxley Standard. Looking incredibly dapper in the beautiful jewel coloured outfits we began our evening of exploration.


It started with the blooming Lupin patch filled with pretty purple blossoms and buttercups. We then carefully walked past a family of bunnies that live in the park and the boys got to enjoy some playtime on the green lawn while I quickly snapped photos of their antics.


The sun was setting so it was time to head to the beach. Everyone struck dashing poses with the city in the background and then had a great time hopping on and off nearby benches and logs.


As the last of the light was fading it was time to say good bye to my doggie models. Loving parents Stephanie, Will and Nat headed off to the car with the little ones still bouncing at their heels. After their exciting adventure I am sure they all had a good nights sleep.



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