“looking at the treat… still looking… yum… a bag of treats… let me look at that… one treat… what no bag?… “


Iris loved treats! and quickly caught on looking at one equaled eating one. Eventually she did make it thru the bag I brought but not before displaying some adorable faces and poses. Iris is a lovable rescue mix with one blue and one brown eye. I had fun looking for spots to highlight this unique and fabulous feature.


Creekside Park is an interesting location with a colourful marina, woods and views of the Granville and Burrard Street bridges. It’s a fantastic place for a pet photographer and her doggie model to explore. We started at the marina, walked up to the woods and then down to the seawall where the bridges were lit up by the setting sun.


Iris’s loving Mom Christina and her friend Kristie were wonderful company for a fantastic session on a warm summer’s evening.


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