Kelper & Linus

“Look at her… why? I see Mom, I see a man, I see the ground… we’ll I’m looking… not me, I see the sky, I see a bird…”


Linus is a friendly energetic chihuahua and he loved to look around luckily he sometimes looked at me. Kelper a handsome border collie mix loved to look at the camera but getting a smile out of him took a bit of work.


These beautiful boys were my doggie models for a pet photography session on Granville Island. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and they both looked fabulous sitting under the pretty pink flowers.


After enjoying the blossoms we moved on to the park behind the community centre and then some interesting buildings further into the island.


The boys and their loving Mom Jessica made for great company and a fun afternoon. With their bellies full of treats they headed home ready for a nice long nap.


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