“ants… so many ants… and they’re fast… so fast… got to stop them… stop… I said stop…”


Nacho had a strange obsession with ants. First he’d stare and then furiously paw the ground in a futile effort to stop them moving. A handsome French Bulldog with a laid back personality his frustration with ants seemed out of character but his love for sitting on peoples feet did not. Both activities were amusing to watch.


Our session took place at Vancouver’s City Hall a suitable location for Nacho’s go slow style. The park is a quiet spot with a local garden, chairs, benches and other unique backdrops perfect for a bit of pet photography.


I enjoyed meandering around the garden and checking out a few other places of interest with Nacho and his doting Mom Ashley.  After our enjoyable evening ended he happily jumped in the car with his Grandfather for a ride home.


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