“a new friend… time to play… I’m coming… just a second… just one more second… I’m freeeee…”


Riot a handsome lovable golden retriever loved to play! During our session he spotting a new friend so we let him go enjoy a short energetic frolic.


Our evening of pet photography at Charleson Park began in the woods. Eager for treats Riot quickly learned to smile for the camera his spotted lolling tongue on full display. After a bit we moved onto the little pond and got some adorable photos of him with his Mom.


Next it was time to head to the seawall where Riot struck truly regal poses in front of the city. We finished with some fun photos around the elementary school where he had a great roll around in the grass.


It was a fantastic evening with Riot his loving Mom Jessica and much adored Aunt Lauren. Riot left smiling as always but definitely ready for a nice long nap.