Theo & Zola

“smile… treat… smile… treat… my turn… smile… treat… smile… treat… we got this down… yup works every time…”


Theo and Zola were always happy to show off their adorable smiles or funny faces for a yummy treat. Theo a handsome happy Border Collie and Zola a sweet gentle Blue Heeler mix made great companions for an evening photo session at Creekside park.


The area around the park is an interesting laid back place perfect for some pet photography. We started at a colourful wall on the pier, made our way up to the a path in the woods and  down to a picturesque spot under the Burrard Street bridge in time to see it lit up by the late evening sun.


Parents Michelle and Chuck’s patience and love for their baby’s was heart warming to watch. Theo and Zola are two truly lucky dogs.


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